Vulnerability Scanners: Strengthen Your Edge Network Defenses

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Staying ahead of potential security threats through proactive risk assessment is critical to maintaining a secure network. The dynamic network perimeter, with numerous users accessing resources, frequent network updates, and ongoing device changes is notoriously difficult to manage —  with potential security threats everywhere. That’s why having the right network vulnerability scanner is so important, one with an emphasis on advanced WiFi vulnerability scanning capabilities. NetAlly CyberScope® vulnerability scanners have all the capabilities you need, making them the perfect tool to help in this challenging area of the network. With CyberScope, you can easily manage your edge network security via comprehensive, simple to perform vulnerability assessments in a single, powerful, portable tool.

Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner: CyberScope

The CyberScope is a comprehensive tool designed for active and passive vulnerability scanning in edge network environments. It’s capable of inventorying a wide range of devices, including headless IoT and other unmanaged devices while supporting wired and wireless connectivity. It allows for easy validation of controls at the perimeter, while also facilitating quick tests to demonstrate policy compliance. Tight integration with Link-Live makes it easy to collaborate, share, and generate reports for use in configuration audits and for vulnerability assessment evidence.

NetAlly CyberScope CE

WiFi Vulnerability Scanner & Tester: CyberScope Air

CyberScope Air specializes in WiFi vulnerability scanning including WiFi and BT/BLE, allowing users to discover, validate, and monitor the security of wireless networks. Finding rogue devices is easy. In addition to being an exceptional WiFi vulnerability scanner, it also contains all the wireless testing, troubleshooting, and surveying features present in the AirCheckTM G3 Pro. CyberScope Air is an essential all-in-one tool for eliminating security threats from the wireless network edge, while also maintaining peak WiFi performance and availability.

NetAlly CyberScope Air

What Is Vulnerability Scanning and Why Is It Useful?

NetAlly CyberScope vulnerability scanner
CyberScope edge network vulnerability scanner is the perfect solution to bolster your cybersecurity posture at the perimeter.

Vulnerability scanning is a key step in finding and evaluating potential security threats at the network perimeter. CyberScope offers numerous capabilities including automated testing and discovery with integrated Nmap vulnerability scanning. It also validates controls at the edge by certifying segmentation and access control, which is crucial to protecting against lateral movement while verifying secure baseline configurations and quickly identifying deviations should they occur.

In short, network vulnerability scanners like CyberScope can be a crucial aspect of improving an organization’s cybersecurity posture. By performing ongoing testing and discovery of the edge network, the never-ending list of new security threats can be proactively detected and eliminated. Only CyberScope can deliver all the required capabilities in an easy-to-use handheld tool, filling the visibility gaps left by other network security tools.