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World's first handheld cyber security tool

For comprehensive site access layer cyber security risk assessment

CyberScope offers comprehensive cyber security risk assessment, analysis and reporting for the site access layer in a single, powerful, portable tool – including endpoint and network discovery, wireless security, vulnerability assessment (Nmap), and segmentation and provisioning validation.

As a ruggedized, purpose-built all-in-one tool, CyberScope is a network security solution that eliminates the use of fragile laptops and tablets. With multiple functions, it provides fast, actionable insights on-prem into your site networks, filling the critical visibility gaps that other cybersecurity tools frequently do not address.



What makes this cyber security tool so unique?

Portable, for complete mobility

CyberScope is a rugged, hand-held cyber security tool that is truly portable, so you can spot all your network vulnerabilities with a single walk round. It has all-day battery life and gives you complete mobility so you can confidently send the analyzer to another location and control it remotely. Smart hands collaboration allows on-site field engineering services for maintenance and other data centre activities.

Purpose built cyber security tool with everything you need

A dedicated, purpose-built cyber security tool. The CyberScope integrates all the capabilities you need for complete assessment and analysis. That includes RJ45, PoE and SPF+ fiber – things you won’t find on a laptop. You can add accessories like keyboard/mouse/headset and link them to your computer for easy data transfer. And you can even run standard Android apps.

Easy User Interface, embedded Nmap network vulnerability scanner

You get a consistent user interface for all the different tools integrated into the CyberScope, including Nmap. And AutoTest gives you a single-button pass/fail grading for fast, repeatable and fool-proof results. It’s the easy way to have complete visibility of layers 1 through 7.

Remote Access Empowers Smart Hands

Most times the expert is not where the problems are. CyberScope provides complete remote access using either VNC or Link-Live Cloud Service. Within moments of the instrument’s arrival an unskilled admin can place the device to allow complete remote operation. Need to train new personal? The bi-lateral remote operation allows you to drive the unit while training staff or looking over their shoulder to ensure understanding.

How To Perform a Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment with CyberScope

Discover what CyberScope can do for you in each stage of the Cyber security vulnerability assessment workflow

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