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Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment Workflow

Analyze Networks with CyberScope


CyberScope’s Discovery combines scanning and active probing via five different network interfaces to find endpoints and network infrastructure elements.

CyberScope detects all WiFi APs and clients across up to 96 channels to fully understand the scope of RF reach inside and outside your facility.


  • Discovery scanning with integrated Nmap port scanner
  • Extended/Excluded Discovery ranges
  • AutoTest
  • Sort, Filter, Search
CyberScope Discover

On-device sorting and filtering as Authorized, Unauthorized, Neighbor or Unknown


CyberScope can verify proper segmentation of both wired and WiFi networks at the point of access with clear pass/fail indication. CyberScope can also examine switch ports for proper provisioning, join a VLAN to ensure correct segmentation, and capture traffic on a specific VLAN for deeper analysis. CyberScope’s high-performance hardware ensures 100% packet capture at line rate speeds.


  • Authorized device list
  • Sort/Filter
  • Free-string search
  • VLAN Identification
  • Device tagging
  • Ping, capture, browse
CyberScope Identify

Find endpoints fast – on the wire or in the air


Complete port by port details of the network path (leveraging Nmap port scanner technology) – both wired and wireless – to any device. Rogue hunting is made fast and easy on WiFi with CyberScope’s tuned directional antenna.


  • Path Analysis
  • Port/VLAN identification
  • AP, client, BT/BLE device surveys
  • Topology mapping
  • Directional antenna / signal strength tracking
  • Connection technology identification (link type/speed, frequency/band/channel)
CyberScope Locate Screen

Embedded Nmap network vulnerability scanner with Easy User Interface


CyberScope’s intuitive user interface harnesses Nmap technology to help you reduce the risk of successful attacks. Nmap is an embedded network vulnerability scanner on CyberScope that automatically scans for vulnerabilities on all endpoint devices connected to the network. Nmap enhances the information gathered from each device with deep analysis by running built-in or custom scripts and automatically generates warning and error notifications. All this can help identify potential security weaknesses and prioritize remediation efforts to reduce risk.


  • Nmap Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment
  • Real-time WiFi analytics
  • AirMapper site survey device and signal heatmaps
  • AutoTest connection, segmentation, and endpoint analysis
  • UDP/TCP port scans, OS and services identification
  • Topology Mapping
  • Tabular data analysis
  • Packet capture
CyberScope Analyze screen

Easy! With discovery snapshots, heat and topology maps


Report, collaborate and share with your team with our license free Link-Live collaboration platform. Results run over a secure cloud. Or, there’s a licensed, containerized version for on-prem or private cloud use.