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How to easily elminate Wi-Fi vulnerabilities in your edge network

Wednesday, March 27th • 10 AM MDT (5 PM CET)

In this webinar,  we will provide hands-on examples of how you can quickly strengthen your cybersecurity wireless network perimeter in just a few easy steps, finding vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

The Convergence of Cybersecurity & Network Operations Teams

In this webinar, we discuss the need for convergence of cybersecurity and network operations teams and how it can be made possible. Plus,
• Building a collaborative culture
• Real-time threat intelligence and incident response
• Streamlining resources and incident response

In-Depth Vulnerability Assessment with CyberScope

Site Vulnerability Assessments are an important task to be performed periodically. In this webinar we will look at how the CyberScope assists in collecting data for analysis.  We dive into leveraging the CyberScope to perform scans against devices using the Nmap Scripting Engine, NSE, as well as performing advanced Discovery Scans, a new feature unique to the CyberScope device.

Hands-on with NMAP
Hands-On with Nmap. A Guide to Network Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment

Want to learn more about network security and the tools used to protect against cyber threats?

Watch this on-demand webinar on Nmap, one of the most popular and powerful network scanning tools in the cybersecurity industry. The CyberScope harnesses Nmap technology in a simplified user interface for complete site assessments – including endpoint discovery, segmentation testing, and site vulnerability scanning.

Conducting Effective Vulnerability Assessments: The Role of Field Analyzers
Conducting Effective Vulnerability Assessments: The Role of Field Analyzers

Interested in knowing why field analyzers are crucial for conducting site cyber vulnerability assessments? Visibility of interior threats in your site networks requires regular, proactive assessments. But what is the best methodology for ensuring success? Dr. Avril Salter, discusses the key aspects of an effective site cyber security vulnerability assessment.

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Blake KroneBlake Krone is an independent Mobility Consultant and developer. His primary focus is providing solutions for the next generation of devices and business use cases for many Fortune 500 companies and startups. He has developed training materials and presentations through his experience deploying some of the largest single-site networks, sharing the knowledge and insights gained. When he isn’t designing and deploying networks, he builds data analysis tools and tests client devices and tools.