Platform for SecOps Team Collaboration, Reporting, and Analytics

Link-Live is specifically designed to integrate tightly with CyberScope® and CyberScope® Air, leveraging the rich data and analysis they deliver. With the it, cybersecurity teams can easily collaborate, analyze, and report on the security status of the network edge. Features include interactive dashboard-based analysis in two versions: Discovery and WiFi. Each provides flexible workflows, with easy navigation between distinct data visualizations that begin with high-level summary consoles, flexible drill-down, persistent sorting, and free string searching for efficient investigations into anomalies and the detection of potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Also available is results comparisons, discovery monitoring, wireless heatmaps, and topology maps.

CyberScope aligns with multiple CIS Critical Security Controls® and related safeguards (and other security frameworks), helping strengthen larger enterprise-wide security initiatives at the network edge. It also allows for remote view and control of CyberScope scanners at your sites and facilitates repeatable vulnerability scanning through uniform Nmap commands and script usage across the organization—greatly simplifying and standardizing assessments and audits.

How Link-Live helps your team:

  • Interactive dashboards provide deep insight into the health of network resources.
  • Monitor for and detect unauthorized device and network changes with interactive dashboards and ongoing discovery monitoring.
  • Create cybersecurity assessment reports for policy compliance and audit evidence.
  • Verify secure infrastructure/IoT/OT/ICS device and network configurations baselines, quickly identify deviations.
  • Create network topology maps that combine infrastructure and device vulnerability information for deep, distinct insights into cybersecurity status at the edge.
  • Aligns with major security frameworks.
  • Discovery Dashboard – High-level console with key indicator graphs including device type and status, VLAN, security types, and 802.11 types; interactive click-to-filter filter widgets; one-click switching between graphical, tabular, and topology views with persistent filtering for quick drill-down analysis.
  • WiFi Dashboard – Key indicator graphs include WiFi counts, SSIDs, channel usage, client manufacturer prefix, and BSSIDs authorization class; interactive click-to-filter filter widgets. Wi-Fi Channel, AP, SSID, BSSID, Client, Probing Clients, and Bluetooth views; switch between graph and table view.
  • Topology mapping with Nmap data* – Create an intuitive, up-to-the-minute accurate topology map of your networks using discovery data combined with Nmap vulnerability information.
  • Discovery monitoring – Automate edge baselining and monitoring, then perform ongoing snapshots to detect new/missing/transitory infrastructure/IoT/OT/ICS devices and changes.
  • Heatmap generation* – Create wireless (WiFi and Bluetooth/BLE) heatmaps with the AirMapper™ Site Survey App; client survey reveals endpoint location aiding in rogue hunting.
  • Seamless collaboration – Facilitates collaboration between unlimited onsite team members and remote experts (view/control) or external clients without any licensing costs*.
  • Simplified Reporting – Easily generate testing and discovery reports for use in enterprise-wide cybersecurity audits, CIS Critical Security Controls, and NIST Core Function initiatives.
  • Free or Private Services – Available as a free secure cloud service or in the Link-Live Private** edition for licensed on-premises or private cloud deployment.

Link-Live has numerous additional capabilities that streamline cybersecurity efforts at the network edge.

* Available to customers with active AllyCare support.

** Link-Live Private Edition, software license includes first-year AllyCare Premium Support. Requires annual subscription.

Model/Name Description

Link-Live Private Edition, software download includes AllyCare Premium Support.

Requires annual subscription LL-PRVT-SUB.

(Note: both items are required for complete installation and use).


Link-Live Private Edition, yearly subscription includes AllyCare Premium Support.

System Requirement:
Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer. For best experience, use Chrome.

Server Requirement – Link-Live Private:

Hardware Minimum Requirements Recommended

Disk Space







4 Cores @1.4GHz

8 Cores @2.0GHz or faster

Software Technology Minimum Version










Model Description Link-Live™ Cloud Link-Live™ Private


LinkSprinter® Pocket Network Tester


LinkRunner® AT Network Cable & Connectivity Tester


LinkRunner® AT Smart Network & Cable Tester


LinkRunner® 10G Advanced Ethernet Tester


AirCheck™ G3 Pro Wireless Tester


EtherScope® nXG Portable Network Expert


CyberScope® Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner & Tester

CyberScope Ethernet Vulnerability Scanner & Tester


CyberScope® Air WiFI Vulnerability Scanner & Tester