Presenting the new CyberScope Air

Stop by for a demo and drive it yourself.

We are excited to present to you our range of cybersecurity solutions at the RSA conference 2024. Let us demonstrate to you how easy it is to discover, validate, and assess cybersecurity at the network edge in a single, powerful, portable tool. Experience for yourself how to:
  • Easily validate security controls at the edge.
  • Inventory everything including IoT, OT, unmanaged devices, wired and wireless.
  • Quickly test and demonstrate policy compliance.
  • Enable collaboration and sharing between teams.
Ruggedized, purpose-built all-in-one tool, CyberScope is a network security solution that eliminates the use of fragile laptops and tablets. With multiple functions, it provides fast, actionable insights on-prem into your edge networks, filling the critical visibility gaps that other cybersecurity tools frequently do not address.

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