CyberScope® Features

What makes this cyber security tool so unique?

Portable, for complete mobility and edge visibility

Perspective matters. Validating controls at the network edge requires deep visibility on-site that remote monitoring or agents cannot provide. CyberScope is a rugged, hand-held cyber security tool that is truly portable, so you can easily see the edge from the edge. Its all-day battery life (on WiFi) gives you complete mobility to discover endpoints, spot vulnerabilities, find rogue devices, and protect against lateral movement by scanning and testing from the edge.

Purpose built cyber security tool with everything you need

As a dedicated, purpose-built cyber security tool, CyberScope integrates all the capabilities you need for complete assessment and analysis. Unlike off-the-shelf mobile devices and laptops, CyberScope’s custom hardware and apps enable thorough network and endpoint discovery, test and demonstrate policy compliance, validate device hardening, and more.

Easy user interface enables fast assessments

With a consistent user interface for all its different tools, CyberScope enables in-depth assessments even for those without deep network experience. Its AutoTest provides a single-button pass/fail grading for fast, repeatable, and fool-proof results. Edge discovery with integrated Nmap-enabled scanning quickly finds device vulnerabilities. Scan results are automatically uploaded to the secure Link-Live™ collaboration and reporting platform, where up-to-the-minute accurate topology maps provide essential visibility into the network architecture.

Remote Access Empowers Smart Hands, Enables Collaboration

Most times the expert is not where the problems are. CyberScope provides complete secure remote access through NetAlly’s Link-Live collaboration and reporting platform. You can confidently send the analyzer to another location and control it remotely. Within moments of the instrument’s arrival on-site, an unskilled admin can place the device to enable secure remote operation. Need to train new personal? The bi-lateral remote operation allows an expert to drive the unit while training staff or to virtually “look over their shoulder” to ensure understanding.