How to easily eliminate Wi-Fi vulnerabilities in your edge network

In this webinar we will provide hands-on examples of how you can quickly strengthen your cybersecurity wireless network perimeter in just a few easy steps, finding vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Learn how you can proactively reduce wireless complaints by improving Wi-Fi performance, connectivity, and availability, in an easy six-step process that can be used by all levels of staffing expertise from beginner to expert.

Get hands-on examples of how network and InfoSec teams can streamline their processes and improve staff efficiencies.

  • How to easily validate controls at the edge

  • Effectively inventory everything, including all wireless IoT, OT, and unmanaged headless devices

  • Quickly test and demonstrate policy compliance

  • Save money, time, and effort to ensure your wireless edge is running securely and at optimally

  • Enable close collaboration between network and security teams to maximize cybersecurity posture

Guest Speaker: Chris Greer, packet analysis, Wireshark, network analysis, and security forensics expert.